Have you ever wanted to blur or not properly display any content on a webpage before sharing the screenshot with friends?

Have you ever felt tired of downloading and then blurring some privacy content before printing from the webpage?

Have you ever …

If it ever happened to you, Blurry can help you out!

What is Blurry?

Blurry is a Chrome Extension that allows you to BLUR the contents on any webpage before doing your things! The blur level can also be customized and the setting will be saved across all active tabs. It also allows you to blur only the piece of content that you don’t need to show it.

How would you do when you don’t want the blur anymore?

💡 Do not worry, it has the specific option for that, just one click and all blurry masks will be removed from the webpage.

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy Does Blurry collect/modify the original content?

We understand privacy is important to everyone and we do respect that too. We DO NOT collect/modify or do anything on the original content. You can imagine Blurry is like a blur filter on top of the content, which you can choose where to put it on.

Doesn’t it sound simple and make your life easier?

Please try it out and tell us how you feel 😉



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This project is open source and available under the MIT License.